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Brett Hoyle
Date: December 15, 2019

TitleSubjectDelivered ByCentral PassageTypeDate
Giving God your Best in your OfferingsGENERALBrett HoyleMalachi 3:6-15Sunday,
December 15, 2019
Giving God Your Best in WorshipGENERALBrett HoyleMalachi 1:6-14Sunday,
December 8, 2019
Guest SpeakerGENERALEric HunterActs 19:8-10Sunday,
December 1, 2019
Youth SundayGENERALCharles CooperRomans 3:23; 2 Peter 3:9; Acts 16:30-31; Hebrews 13:5Sunday,
November 24, 2019
ZechariahMinor ProphetsBrett HoyleZechariah 3Sunday,
November 17, 2019
HabakukMinor ProphetsBrett HoyleHabakukSunday,
November 10, 2019
HoseaMinor ProphetsBrett HoyleHoseaSunday,
October 27, 2019
Guest SpeakerMinor ProphetsMelvin SmithAmosSunday,
October 20, 2019
Joel-The Day of the LordMinor ProphetsBrett HoyleJoelSunday,
October 13, 2019
Obadiah-Prophet of God's Judgement against EdomMinor ProphetsBrett HoyleObadiahSunday,
October 6, 2019
Making the Most of the Gospel MinistryGENERALBrett Hoyle2 Corinthians 4:1-6Sunday,
September 22, 2019
Guest SpeakerGENERALMicah MeurerSunday,
September 15, 2019
Thinking Biblically About God's BuildingGENERALBrett Hoyle1 Kings 8:54-61Sunday,
September 8, 2019
What is Our Mission?GENERALJason DanielsMatthew 28:16-20Sunday,
September 1, 2019
Following Christ in Salvation & BaptismGENERALBrett HoyleActs 8:26-40Sunday,
August 25, 2019
Lord's Supper Part 1GENERALBrett Hoyle1 Corinthians 11:23-32Sunday,
August 18, 2019
Lord's Supper Part 2GENERALBrett Hoyle1 Corinthians 11:23-32Sunday,
August 18, 2019
Lord's Supper Part 3GENERALBrett Hoyle1 Corinthians 11:23-32Sunday,
August 18, 2019
Blessing of Your Salvation TestimonyBlessings of the BelieverBrett HoyleActs 9:1-22; 21:26-22:22; 26:1-32Sunday,
August 11, 2019
Blessing of the Believer- God's Help Through Trials & TemptationsBlessings of the BelieverBrett HoyleJames 1:2-4Sunday,
August 4, 2019
Blessing of the Believer- Serving in the Local ChurchBlessings of the BelieverBrett HoyleRomans 12:3-8Sunday,
July 28, 2019
Blessing of the Believer- The Church FamilyBlessings of the BelieverBrett HoyleHebrews 10:19-25Sunday,
July 21, 2019
Blessing of the Believer- The ChurchBlessings of the BelieverBrett HoyleActs 2:37-47Sunday,
July 14, 2019
Blessing of the Believer- The Holy Spirit Part 4Blessings of the BelieverBrett HoyleJohn 14-16Sunday,
July 7, 2019
Blessing of the Believer- The Holy Spirit Part 3Blessings of the BelieverBrett HoyleJohn 14-16Sunday,
June 30, 2019
Blessing of the Believer- The Holy Spirit Part 2Blessings of the BelieverBrett HoyleJohn 14-16Sunday,
June 23, 2019
Blessing of the Believer- The Holy Spirit Part 1Blessings of the BelieverBrett HoyleJohn 14=16Sunday,
June 16, 2019
Blessings of the Believer-SalvationBlessings of the BelieverBrett HoyleEphesians 2:1-10Sunday,
June 9, 2019
Why Babel Matters TodayVBS 2019- The Incredible RaceBrett HoyleLuke 10:25-37Sunday,
June 2, 2019
One Way, Jesus. Babel & the GospelVBS 2019- The Incredible RaceBrett HoyleRevelation 7:9-10Sunday,
May 26, 2019
The Tower of BabelVBS 2019- The Incredible RaceBrett HoyleGenesis 11:1-9Sunday,
May 19, 2019
Committing your Children to the LordMother's Day 2019Brett Hoyle1 Samuel 1-2Sunday,
May 12, 2019
Draw Near to God in Worship & LifeGENERALBrett HoylePsalm 131Sunday,
May 5, 2019
Jesus Lives! Now What!Book of MarkBrett HoyleMark 16:9-20Sunday,
April 28, 2019
Through Death, Jesus Brings VictoryEaster 2019/Book of MarkBrett HoyleMark 15:40-16:8Sunday,
April 21, 2019
"Champion of Love" Easter Cantata/Seeing Jesus on the CrossBook of MarkFBC Sanctuary Choir/ Brett HoyleMark 15:22-39Sunday,
April 14, 2019
Jesus is the Only Way to True FreedomGENERALJason DanielsJohn 8:31-36Sunday,
April 7, 2019
Entering the Suffering of OthersGuest SpeakerMatt ThackersonJohn 11Sunday,
March 31, 2019
Jesus is FaithfulBook of MarkBrett HoyleMark 15:1-21Sunday,
March 24, 2019
Faithful JesusBook of MarkBrett HoyleMark 14:26-72Sunday,
March 17, 2019
Faces in the CrowdBook of MarkBrett HoyleMark 14:1-25Sunday,
March 10, 2019
Following Jesus Til the EndBook of MarkBrett HoyleMark 13Sunday,
March 3, 2019
Following Jesus to the Cross Part 3Book of MarkBrett HoyleMark 12:35-44Sunday,
February 24, 2019
Following Jesus to the Cross Part 2Book of MarkBrett HoyleMark 12:13-34Sunday,
February 17, 2019
Following Jesus to the CrossBook of MarkBrett HoyleMark 11:27-12:12Sunday,
February 10, 2019
Faithfully Follow JesusBook of MarkBrett HoyleMark 10:32-52Sunday,
February 3, 2019
Rightly Receiving the Kingdom of GodBook of MarkBrett HoyleMark 10:13-31Sunday,
January 27, 2019
10:30 AM
Guest SpeakerGENERALStan & Angie BurlesonSunday,
January 20, 2019
10:30 AM
True DiscipleshipBook of MarkBrett HoyleMark 9:30-50Sunday,
January 13, 2019
6:00 PM
The Great Need for Greater FaithBook of MarkBrett HoyleMark 9:14-29Sunday,
January 13, 2019
10:30 AM
Listen to JesusBook of MarkBrett HoyleMark 9:1-13Sunday,
January 6, 2019
6:00 PM
Morning WorshipGENERALBrett HoyleActs 13; 15:36-41Sunday,
January 6, 2019
10:30 AM
People God Uses-Wise MenChristmas 2018Jason DanielsMatthew 2:1-12Sunday,
December 30, 2018
People God Uses-ShepherdsChristmas 2018Brett HoyleLuke 2:8-20Sunday,
December 23, 2018
"Good News From Home"- Christmas Cantata/Lottie Moon OfferingChristmas 2018FBC Choir/Brett HoyleSunday,
December 16, 2018
People God Uses-JosephChristmas 2018Brett HoyleMatthew 1:18-25Sunday,
December 9, 2018
People God Uses-MaryChristmas 2018Brett HoyleLuke 1:26-52Sunday,
December 2, 2018
The Shady Side of ChristmasChristmas 2018Brett HoyleMatthew 1:1-17Sunday,
November 25, 2018
Pilgrim Praise 2 (FBC Kids Choir)/Realistic ThanksgivingThanksgiving 2018FBC Kids Choir/Brett HoylePsalm 46Sunday,
November 18, 2018
True Faith and DiscipleshipBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 8:27-38Sunday,
November 11, 2018
Following Jesus to the NationsBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 7:24-37Sunday,
November 4, 2018
Guest SpeakerMissions Day 2018David DawkinsIsaiah 6Sunday,
October 21, 2018
Advancing the Gospel of Jesus ChristBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 6:1-29Sunday,
October 14, 2018
Guest Speaker- Youth Fall Retreat 2018Youth Fall Retreat 2018Dallas StringerRuth 4Sunday,
October 7, 2018
Jesus Changes Lives!Book of Mark Brett HoyleMark 5:21-43Sunday,
September 30, 2018
10:30 AM
Christ Changes LivesBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 5:1-20Sunday,
September 23, 2018
10:30 AM
Accept and Advancing the Kingdom of GodBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 4:21-34Sunday,
September 16, 2018
6:00 PM
Following Jesus through the StormBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 4:35-41Sunday,
September 16, 2018
10:30 AM
Evening Bible Study- Mark 4Book of Mark Brett HoyleMark 4Sunday,
September 9, 2018
6:00 PM
Purposes of Jesus Power Part 2Book of Mark Brett HoyleMark 3:22-35Sunday,
September 9, 2018
Guest SpeakerGENERALMelvin SmithMatthew 24-25Sunday,
September 2, 2018
Purposes of Jesus PowerBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 3:22-35Sunday,
August 26, 2018
Meeting the Folks Around JesusBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 3:7-21Sunday,
August 19, 2018
Where Jesus LeadsBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 2:13-28Sunday,
August 12, 2018
Observe Jesus Work & MinistryBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 1:29-45Sunday,
August 5, 2018
Following Jesus Christ with full commitmentBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 1:14-28Sunday,
July 29, 2018
Guest SpeakerGENERALBuddy YoungSunday,
July 22, 2018
Ready for JesusBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 1:1-8Sunday,
July 15, 2018
The Good News of the GospelBook of Mark Brett HoyleMark 1:1Sunday,
July 8, 2018
Living in the Light of the Resurrection: How the Resurrection fuels Kingdom MissionGENERALBrian WisemanActs 1:3;6-11Sunday,
July 1, 2018
The Lord ReignsGENERAL Brett HoylePsalms 93Sunday,
June 24, 2018
Guest SpeakerGENERALMelvin SmithHebrews 10:26Sunday,
June 17, 2018
The Blessing of BaptismGENERAL Brett HoyleMatthew 28:18-20Sunday,
June 10, 2018
Christ in the FutureVBS 2018- Time Lab Brett HoyleRevelation 21-22Sunday,
June 3, 2018
Jesus TodayVBS 2018- Time Lab Brett HoyleActs 1Sunday,
May 27, 2018
Focus on ChristVBS 2018- Time Lab Brett HoyleMatthew 1Sunday,
May 20, 2018
Christ and the Old TestamentVBS 2018- Time Lab Brett HoyleGenesis 18:1-18Sunday,
May 13, 2018
Christ and CreationVBS 2018- Time Lab Brett HoyleColossians 1:15-17; John 1:1-4, 14; Genesis 1:1-2, 26-27Sunday,
May 6, 2018
Confident Steward's of God's GiftsConfident Series Brett HoyleVarious ScriptureSunday,
April 29, 2018
Confident in Christ in Spiritual Warfare Part 2Confident Series Brett HoyleEphesians 6:10-20Sunday,
April 22, 2018
Confident in Christ in Spiritual WarfareConfident Series Brett HoyleEphesians 6:10-12Sunday,
April 15, 2018
Confident in Christ Regarding DeathConfident Series Brett HoyleHebrews 9:27; Romans 6:23Sunday,
April 8, 2018
Responding to the Resurrected JesusEaster 2018 Brett HoyleJohn 20:24-29Sunday,
April 1, 2018
"Because He Lives" Easter Cantata/Confident in Christ SermonConfident SeriesFBC Sanctuary Choir/ Brett HoyleRevelation 1:1; 12-18, 22:20Sunday,
March 25, 2018
Confident in Prayer Part 2Confident SeriesBrett HoyleMatthew 6:5-15Sunday,
March 18, 2018
Confident in PrayerConfident Series Brett HoyleMatthew 6:9-13Sunday,
March 11, 2018
Confident in Christ's KingdomConfident Series Brett HoyleActs 1:6-11Sunday,
March 4, 2018
Confident in God's WordConfident Series Brett HoylePsalm 119Sunday,
February 25, 2018
Confident in Christ for SalvationConfident Series Brett Hoyle1 John 5:11-15Sunday,
February 18, 2018
Redemption and BeyondBook of Ruth Brett HoyleRuth 4Sunday,
February 11, 2018
Going to the RedeemerBook of Ruth Brett HoyleRuth 3Sunday,
February 4, 2018
Searching for ChangeBook of Ruth Brett HoyleRuth 1:6-22Sunday,
January 21, 2018
Fulfilling the Great CommissionGuest SpeakerBrian WisemanMatthew 28:19-20Sunday,
January 14, 2018
A World in Need of God’s HelpBook of RuthBrett HoyleRuth 1:1-5Sunday,
January 7, 2018

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